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We have two kinds of submissions for artists: ongoing general submissions and specific exhibition submissions. Any artist can create a work and submit it for any location at any time. It will then be juried and put up on Popwalk. Please make sure that there is a cell signal at the location you desire to exhibit your work and that it fits the content restrictions and guidelines. You can then share these works on with friends, social media, and with the Popwalk community

Exhibitions are also organized for specific geographic locations. These exhibits typically have a special juror, extra advertising, and some prize money for the best works. In this way, Popwalk is able to support creatives. To date, Popwalk has acquired $5000 for the support of artists on Popwalk, and we are working to increase this amount continually. If you submit a work for a specific geographic region, within the submission dates, the work will be considered for that specific exhibit, unless you tell us otherwise. Please see the “juried exhibits” (this should be an active link) section to see what juried exhibitions are going on now

For both the general submission and the specific exhibitions we have a small jurying fee. This is to help oversee the consistent quality of works exhibited in Popwalk by allowing us to bring in trained jurors to judge the quality of the work.

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Do you want the viewer to look somewhere specifically? Stand in a particular location, or notice something before they look at the video? Put those clues here.

The Video ID can be found from the YouTube url for the video e.g.


You can get the coordinates for your artwork easily here.

Radius is the range the user needs to be in to view your artwork. It is measured in meters. It should be between 20 and 120.

This address is displayed in the app and can be physically different than the coordinates and is just used to give the user more information about the location of the artwork.

How is this work site-specific - what connects your video to this place?

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