Instructions for making a successful work

The works exhibited through Popwalk are meant to be seen in specific locations. It is important that the works create a serious and thoughtful connection to the place in which they are exhibited. This means that the location in which the works are exhibited enriches and establishes the idea, meaning, and/or interpretation of the artwork. The viewer should see the location through new eyes after having seen your artwork, and the artwork should be enriched by being viewed within the location. An important part of the curatorial process for this project is whether or not the work makes a thoughtful and serious connection to the location of display. Here are some important questions to answer before making a work for Popwalk.

  • Does the site of exhibition you want to use have internet access?
  • Is the location, private, dangerous, or difficult to get to?
  • What clues can you give the viewer about where to be while viewing the work?

Here are some strategies that artists use for making a work of art site-specific:

  • communicate your experience of a place
  • tell the history of a place
  • create a myth about the location
  • what makes that location peculiar
  • something about the culture or community
  • a performance that uses the place
  • environmental peculiarities or sensitivities

A note from David Lindsay, the creator of Popwalk:

I am grateful that you are thinking about how to use to Popwalk to share your creativity with the world. You may know that Popwalk was developed out of a desire to share my own art with the world in a meaningful, thoughtful context. For me to do that, I needed the artwork to be seen on site; in the specific location that informed my art the most

As artists, we often talk about the transformative power of art to change the way that people see the world. But too often the context of the art is limited to a gallery or a venue. My hope is that artists use Popwalk as an agent to bring communities together, to expand understanding between people, and to inform and inspire better stewardship of our planet. I know that this is a lot to ask for, but my hope is that Popwalk will be a tool that can share our messages in a more meaningful way.

Please take the opportunity to use Popwalk to entertain, but also enlighten and educate. The world is out there, sometimes people just need to see what a better one looks like.