Legal Agreement

Before submitting your work, please read and accept the following Exhibition Agreement (you will be required to accept this agreement each time your work is accepted for exhibition).

General Terms

Accepting this agreement means you have also read and agree to the Submission Guidelines. In addition all work must comply with Popwalk Terms of Use, which are incorporated into the Submission guidelines.

You agree to allow Popwalk sole online representation of your art, meaning no simultaneous exhibitions; for example, while exhibiting through Popwalk your work should not be publically available through YouTube or Vimeo services. You may, however, show the work on your own personal website. The work can also be used for non-internet presentations such as film festivals, art galleries, etc.

You waive responsibility of display of content from Popwalk.

Both the artist and Popwalk have the right to remove work from exhibition at any time.

Siting Guidelines

You agree to be responsible, and waive responsibility from Popwalk, for where you send viewers.

You agree not to send people in restricted or uncomfortable settings, including private property without proper permissions.

Content Restrictions

Artible will not exhibit any video, image, audio recording, text, or lyric that:

  • Does not belong to the artist or the artist does not have the necessary permissions to exhibit the art (see copyright restrictions)
  • Promotes or supports dangerous, illegal, or harmful activity including, but not limited to, injury to animals, exploitation of minors, etc.
  • Contains discriminatory or hateful content toward any individual or group.
  • Contains sexually explicit material or pornography
  • Assumes that this exhibition is private. Artwork displayed through Popwalk is considered "public art and the content should match"
  • Contains exploitive, violent, or unlawful acts
  • Violates any law

In Addition, the work must be represented as the creation of an artist or collective of artists. Any work that appears to endorses a product, institution, or outside entity will fall under the category of “sponsored work” and will need to follow the criteria for such, to be displayed. See a Patron page for more about sponsored work.