What kind of art is exhibited through Popwalk?

For Popwalk, the term "art" includes video, music, paintings, performance, animation, digital artwork, theater, and many other kinds of work. The important part of any work exhibited on Popwalk is its ability to relate to the site in which it is exhibited. Art displayed through Popwalk is held to a high standard. Like most exhibitions, the works exhibited through Popwalk pass through a jury process to qualify for exhibition.

How does the Popwalk service work?

It's simple. Popwalk is a service to connect digital artworks stored on the web with specific geographic loactions. Artists provide the art, geocodes, and a description of the site, and Popwalk generates a profile for each work submitted. Viewers use the Popwalk app to find your works, anywhere in the world.

How do I submit Artwork?

Submitting art is easy. First, create an account or sign in. Second, follow the instructions on the Submit Artwork page.

If I submit a work, is it guaranteed to be displayed?

Submitting an artwork does not mean that your work will be exhibitied. Popwalk will review the art, and within 30 days of your submission date, you will be contacted concerning the status of your submission.

What is the Review Process?

Work submitted to Popwalk is juried to assure that it meets standards of quality for the exhibition as well as avoiding those things prohibited in the legal agreement.

Why create site-specific work?

Popwalk believes that physical location (which includes the sounds, smells, sights, perspective, light, etc.) influences how we see and understand art. Not only does it influence how we see art, but we also believe artists can and do make use of the surroundings to make art meaningful. Art is inseparable from its context. We believe that helping others see the dialogues between environment, culture, and history of a place gives a new sense of what "being" is. We want to provide a service that allows others to consider how integrated art is to its surroundings.